Iven C. Kincheloe Award

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Iven C. Kincheloe Award
Iven C. Kincheloe Trophy
Awarded forOutstanding flight testing
LocationLancaster, California
Country United States
Presented byThe Society of Experimental Test Pilots
First awarded1958 (1958)

The Iven C. Kincheloe Award recognizes outstanding professional accomplishment in the conduct of flight testing. It was established in 1958 by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots in memory of test pilot and Korean War ace Iven C. Kincheloe, United States Air Force, who died during flight testing.[1]

The Kincheloe Trophy consists of four columns and a symbolic aerospace vehicle that points toward the shield of the society. The columns represent the foundation on which the society was created—courage, integrity, knowledge, and accomplishment. The vehicle reinforces the role played by the society in the development of aerospace systems. Plaques bearing the name of each honoree are mounted around the sides of the onyx base.[2]


The Society lists three criteria for nominations to this award:[3]

  1. The recipient must be a living member of the Society.
  2. The accomplishment, or significant portion of the accomplishment, must have occurred in the past year (From July 1)
  3. The accomplishment must involve actual flight testing conducted by the individual, while in a test pilot role, and represent an outstanding contribution to an aerospace program.


Recipients of this award, from 1958 to present, include:[4]

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